Galtani is the brain child of Garry Vickers, cyclist and avid fan of the aesthetic and functionality of cycling's timeless heritage. Having noticed a distinct lack of cycling gloves and accessories that fit the style he wanted, the Montrealer set out to rectify the situation.

Thus, the birth of Galtani. First and foremost, Galtani is devoted to providing a quality product, but equally important is the promotion of cycling and cycle culture around the world. Are you organizing a bike event? Are you raising cycling awareness in your community? Races? Workshops? Get in touch. I'd like to help.

*Hello friends! A little clarification on the recent name change. I launched initially under the name 'Gantoli', as I thought a partnership would make it easier to get my work out into the world. I couldn't have been more wrong. For some, cyclists are just another market to be exploited and discarded. This is a sentiment I disagree with wholeheartedly, so I immediately began the process of getting the company back under my sole control. Having done so, I can now run things as a cyclist, for cyclists! In spite of the concept and designs being wholly created by me, I still had to rebrand slightly during the process of separating from a very toxic situation. Thankfully with the help and support of friends, customers and loyal stockists, I was able to get back up and running with a new name, but with the same quality product and customer service. To all supporters, past and present, you have my sincerest gratitude. Cheers and good riding. - Garry